VIDEO: Vorsteiner BMW GTRS4 Showcase By AccuAir Suspension

Our limited edition GTRS4 is a full wide body conversion for the BMW F82 M4. The GTRS4 is a full lightweight carbon composite conversion designed, tested and developed in-house by our team in Orange County, California. The front fenders have a total span of 4 inches while the rear quarter panels sit 7 inches wider than it’s original form. To this day, it is the most complete, elegant and classy widebody aero program available for the BMW M4 and a clear cut showcase of Vorsteiner’s design language.

Our wheels department have specially designed these 3-Piece Forged wheels for this application. The wheels come in 20×10.5J and 20×13.5J sizes front and rear respectively. They were custom designed, engineered and machined to fit the 275 and 345 width tires. The BMW GTRS4 aero program is the pinnacle of Vorsteiner design, engineering and craftsmanship. It displays all the pedantic work we do and it creates an impressive widebody conversion for one of the most popular sports cars out there.

Thanks to an AccuAir suspension, the owner of this Austin Yellow BMW GTRS4 can utilize his vehicle in various daily driving conditions. The airride suspension allows the owner to lift/lower his vehicle by a touch of a button, yielding proper ride height depending on various driving demands. Take a look at the BMW GTRS4 Widebody video showcase right below.

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